Packaging Design - Wine coaster

30. Photoshoot

Comment 0 April 24, 2015

So now I have a blue bottle, definitely not elegant and not what I wanted. Doo and Ben had to go to Michael's, the arts and crafts shop, I went with them and bought a primer and a silver spray paint. The primer helps me to make a surface for the paint, it smoothes the surface but at the same time I'm losing some details.

29. Building the final packaging

Comment 0 April 20, 2015

Mona lent me her rubber glue: I've never used it before but it seems pretty useful! It doesn't bend too much the carboard.

The final packaging looks awesome!

28. Painting

Comment 0 April 19, 2015

So now I have a blue bottle, definitely not elegant and not what I wanted. Doo and Ben had to go to Michael's, the arts and crafts shop, I went with them and bought a primer and a silver spray paint. The primer helps me to make a surface for the paint, it smoothes the surface but at the same time I'm losing some details.

27. Glue

Comment 0 April 18, 2015

After seeing so many guru, I'm in the studio of Matthew Bierl, the sculpture studio coordinator. He seemed pretty scure that the 2 components glue would have worked... it didn't.

The coaster is still transparent, but you can see the glue.

26. Zund cutter

Comment 0 April 15, 2015

It took so long to learn how to use the Zund cutter! It was so complicated! And the knives are expensive. But at the end the cuts and scores came out pretty neat.

I had only one problem: usually you cut the score inside the folding. But since my packaging has foldings on both ways, I had to cut the scores on both the faces.

25. 3D printer: second attempt

Comment 0 April 12, 2015

I finally understood how to work with the 3d model and how to export, this time the 3d printing went well, even if it took 7 hours for the top part and 11 hours for the bottom part

MVI 5135 from Lorenzo Positano on Vimeo.

24. Everything is printed!

Comment 0 April 10, 2015

The internal and external packaging, the clear film and the cd are printed! It took a while to understand the mechanism for the double side printing, but it came out pretty well.

23. Printed coasters: HALF FAIL

Comment 0 April 8, 2015

The transparent mylar sheet has arrived! Of course I didnì't read carefully the instructions and I didn't notice that there is only one printable side...

22. Lasercut, so fun!

Comment 0 April 5, 2015

MVI 5123 from Lorenzo Positano on Vimeo.

Laser cutting the coasters from a sheet of acrylic was pretty easy, it took 10 minutes and they came out very nice and neat!

21. 3D printing first attempt: FAIL

Comment 0 April 3, 2015

MVI 4945 from Lorenzo Positano on Vimeo.

The cartridge for the 3D printer has finally arrived! There was some problems though: I ordered it in silver, it was out of stock but the company didn't tell me and I have been waiting for days. When I understood that there was something wrong I contacted them and they explained the situation. This cartridge is blue, I will have to color it.

The first attempt with the 3D printer went pretty wrong, my 3D model was okay, but there was some problems during the export... and I didn't notice it!

20. External Packaging #2

Comment 0 April 1, 2015

I completely changed the graphics of the the external case, now it's more similar to the coaster design. And it's way cleaner!

19. 3D model #3

Comment 0 March 28, 2015

This is the final model for the 3D printing! I added the on the bottom part and "WINE COASTERS" on the top part. Hope the 3D printer will be able to print those details!

18. Logo

Comment 0 March 25, 2015

The logo was too simple, even if very bold and modern. I'm exploring this way, integrating the lettering with the bottle shape.

17. Background

Comment 0 March 22, 2015

These backgrounds are way more vibrant and interesting, but I think I'm gonna use my third option: the color is closer to the wine color and the others seem too much like a watercolor.

16. Internal mockup

Comment 0 March 22, 2015

I worked also at the internal box: in theory it should open "like a flower" to reveal the content, but my first attempt failed.

This second version works better, it opens more, but I want to refine the edges, they are too sharp. I'm going to work more on the inside background, I don't like that flat red.

15. External mockup

Comment 0 March 20, 2015

I printed a scaled mockup of the external package. It looks fine and elegant, but at the same time I'm losing the hierarchy of the information: now it seems like my product is a bottle and a glass...

14. External packaging

Comment 0 March 18, 2015

I know that the bottle was the packaging of the coasters, but I feel like I need an external packaging. And I need an identity.

Right now it's just a draft, a squared box as tall as the bottle. I wanted to call my product or "ENO" or "OINOS", both words that come from ancient greek that mean wine.

13. 3D model #2

Comment 0 March 11, 2015

I have to refine the 3D model. At the 3D lab they told me that the minimum thickness is 2mm, so right now I am adding this thickness to my file. I kind of found out how to fit the coasters with the bottle, but it works only for the first one and the last one, the other 4 in the middle still can slip around...

12. Guru

Comment 0 March 9, 2015

After spring break, I met 3 persons inside the Stamps School of Art and Design: Matthew Pritchard, Mike Vitale and Matthew Bierl.

Matthew Pritchard is one of the coordinators of the FABLab, the LAB with the Zund cutter and other machines. He unfortunately didn't know about materials, he is more into the process of the 3D shaping. He oriented me to the other twos.

Mike Vitale is the coordinators of the material fabrication studio, but he as well didn't know about glue and 3D printing.

Matthew Bierl is the coordinators of the material fabrication studio and sculpture studio, I thought he wouldn't be able to help me as well but... he did! He said that there is a transparent glue that he has that it would probably be perfect for acrylic.

I also went to the 3D UM Lab, to ask for help, but the lady told me that she was busy with a project and couldn't help me at the moment.

11. First technical problems

Comment 0 February 25, 2015

I'm not a product designer, I don't know how to do these things :'(

Right now I'm encountering some technical problems:
- I need a transparent glue that doesn't wash away the ink of the coaster. What glue??
- how to hold the coasters and the bottle all together...
- maybe a transparent tube to show the coasters inside the bottle? But at the 3D printing center they don't use transparent plastic
- find the materials online and buy them $$$
- I don't want to leave the surface of the bottle clean, I should stick a sticker with the "logo" or some information
- Design the "logo"

10. Material: the bottle

Comment 0 February 23, 2015

The only way to product my 2 halves of the bottle is with the 3D printer. And I am so excited to use it!! Franc is excited too, because at the 3DUMLab (the Lab at Umich) they don't see a lot of design students.

From the tour that we had last week, it seemed pretty easy to 3D print... but I will have to ask some questions later on about the file and the material and colour.

The only problem is that the cartridge of plastic material for the 3D printer costs 50$. It means that I will have only ONE CHANCE, and I will be able to print only at the end, when I'm 100% sure of my 3D model.

09. Material: the coaster

Comment 0 February 18, 2015

Franc brought us to the materials "collection" of the University of Michigan. There is seriously A LOT of different materials, the only problem is that we have to order them online and have them shipped.

For the coaster I really would like to use acrylic. There is one kind of acrylic that is transparent. My idea is to laser cut 2 circles (1/8" thickness, 3" diameter), print my stain and the name of the wine on a mylar transparent film, put it between the 2 sheets and glue everything together.

In this way I would obtain a glass effect and I would be able to read the name in transparency.

08. Zoom: the bottle

Comment 0 February 11, 2015

It took a while to draw in 3D the bottle, but now I have a more clear idea. It's not finished yet, I only drawed the outline, it still doesn't have an offset/thickness.

I'm not sure about the color. Or white, or black. Or transparent! But I don't have idea how to do it right now.

07. Zoom: the coaster

Comment 0 February 4, 2015

I really like the idea of the stain of wine, also because every wine has a different colour and consistency. Right now I'm using a stock image that I found online, but later on (when I will find a glass of wine) I will personally draw/stamp the stains.

Inside the stain I wanna put the name of the wine. There are thousands of wine, but I'm gonna use just the 6 most important. And I'm gonna use only italian wines, since I am italian. Even if it's a product for young people, I still want it to be stylish and elegant. And since it's connected to my country, I'm using the Bodoni typeface.

The base of a glass of wine is 6 inches is 2,5 inches, so my coaster will be a little bit bigger, 3 inches diameter.

06. Sketching again

Comment 0 February 2, 2015

I want to replicate the shape of a bottle as the container/holder of my coasters. In my crazy idea, the coasters would be part of the bottle, like little sections/disc of the body.

Franc said to find a way to have also a trivet, probably made by the 6 coasters. I actually don't think I need a trivet, since when you pour wine, you don't need a large base where to put the bottle. I will think of it.

Right now the shape of the coaster is just a circle. It seems pretty "easy", nothing to exciting, but I want to keep it simple. Mostly because my audience is young people, students that like to drink wine, but afford too much expensive merchandising.

05. Research#2

Comment 0 January 26, 2015
Follow Lorenzo Positano's board Wine Coasters and Packaging on Pinterest.

I'm not satisfied with my geometrical coaster, I'm going on with some more research. This time I'm interested in wine. Italy is famous for wine, and it's also one of my favourite alcoholic drink (I'm 21+, I can drink here!)

04. Rendering on Rhinoceros

Comment 0 January 21, 2015

When I was in undergrad in Milano I had a class about 3D modeling and animation. It was 2 years ago, and I really have a bad memory, I can still use the softwares such as Rhinoceros and Maya. It took a while to remember how to use them and all the main controls, but I was able to digitalize my geometrical coaster.

It looks fine, especially if I use a sheet of wood. But right now it doesn't have a meaning, it's just nice to see.

03. First sketches

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I am very computer-oriented, I love staying at the computer and do everything digital. But I think that at this state of the project it's better to close the screen and start drawing with a real pencil on real paper. I started drawing something geometrical, I was thinking of tribal tattoos.

I'm not very sure about it though....

02. Research

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Follow Lorenzo Positano's board Coasters on Pinterest.

I love tea and at home (in Italy) I have a pretty nice collection of coasters. I especially like the ones with maps, or information about what I am drinking. Pinterest is a very useful website to do my research and save the results in a "folder", so that I can easily have everything under my eyes. And accessible from everywhere, since it's online.

There are so so many kind of coasters, made of fabric, wood, plastic and carboard. I want to try to use a material different than paper (as a graphic designer I always use paper...), so maybe something with wood or plastic.

Right now I have these ideas:
- something very geometric
- related to the beverage (beer, wine, tea, coffee
- related to a country (USA, Italy...)
- use of maps
- make a cool packaging that is similar to the coaster

01. The brief

Comment 0 January 14, 2015

I got into the 400 Packaging Design class of Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo at University of Michigan after almost 2 weeks from the beginning of the semester. There were some problems with credits/units and I added it at the last time. It seems a very cool class, even though I'm already full of studio classes, I'm a little bit scared it's too much for me and that I will get crazy. But that's okay!

The brief of the first project is this one:
Design the packaging of a set of coasters (6). This project includes the design and production of the coasters.

I've never designed an object! I'm a graphic/web designer... ahahah